Skyblock - Season 4 [RELEASED]
Season 4 is now live! Come experience Season 4 on ThePondMC. A Minecraft Cross-Platform Multiplayer Server!

Skyblock GUI: We have added a brand new GUI accessible to everyone. In this GUI you will find many different things you can do ranging anywhere from teleport to your island, open your island settings, open the shop, and more!

Upon spawning in, you will see a nether star in your inventory which you can click allowing you to open the GUI. You can take the nether star in and out of your inventory with /togglemenu

Minions: Minions are now completely custom and we have overhauled the system! Below you will see what types of minions there are and what they all do: Miner - Mines at your cobblestone generator
Fisher - Catches fish when placed infront of water
Slayer - Kills hostile mobs within a radius
Butcher - Kills passive animals within a radius
Feeder - Feeds all minions within a radius

When clicking on a minion it will show you a GUI where you can upgrade your minion, check its stats, link it to a chest to ensure you get the drops, and more! Upgrading the minion will drastically increase all of the Minions abilities, and even in certain circumstances provide your Minion with special abilities like auto smelt!

Skyblock Changes: We have added two new permissions to the /is permissions page that are important. Valuable Place & Valuable Break. Provide those permissions to the trusted ranks only. This permission will stop players on your Island from mining those valuable blocks that provide Island Levels or general value to the Island. All ore blocks (eg; diamond blocks, netherite blocks), Spawners & Beacons.

We have also added a new perm to stop users from throwing eggs, ender-pearls etc.
We have adjusted the maximum number of members you can achieve on an Island in a way to allow for a more fair and fun server. The new members limits are as follows:
Default - 2 [+2 from BP] 4 in total
VIP - 5
Elite - 6
Legend - 7
God - 8

PondPass: There are 15 brand new PondPass levels for you to complete!

Check them out with /bp Purchase the Premium Pond Pass @!

Crop Hoppers
: There are now two different versions of crop hoppers. The Crop Hopper v1 will pick up any crop that is dropped within that chunk but will not automatically harvest fully grown crops. The Crop Hopper v2 will automatically harvest crops and collect them within the chunk that it is placed in (edited)

GenUpgrade: We have adjusted /genupgrade and provided more levels along the way!

Stat Trackers:: We have added and removed a few different stat trackers. Below you will find all of the stat trackers that are currently obtainable!
Experience Absorbed
Blocks broken
Mobs killed

There will be more stat trackers to come in the future! Which ones would you like? Let us know!

Spawner Upgrades: The spawner upgrading system has been changed slightly. You still upgrade spawners the same way, by right-clicking on them, but drops have been modified significantly. This was a main focus for us this season. We wanted to completely revamp the economy in a way we haven’t done before. Spawner Upgrades are now extremely worth it.

Crates: Crates have been modified to have different rewards in both the Ducky and Supporter crates! This means new items to win and more to obtain! God Rank & Legend Rank will provide a physical redeemable item when won from the Crate! Shards Shop: There are some new items in the shards shop, including brand new tags!

Miscellaneous Changes:
Added 1.18 blocks to /shop A new yet old spawn
You can now go past level 500 in all skills

Voting now works if you are offline
Adjusted Island Level values
Adjusted the economy

Many many improvements and bug fixes that were reported
Removed /withdraw limits
Removed /pay limits
Item Limits in /shards will now actually be limited
Harvester Hoes now give Skills XP & Shards
Updated to 1.18 [New Height Limits]

Please note, we are running on a beta server build. There may be some crashes or bugs, we will do our best to resolve these ASAP. (edited)

Play this Skyblock 1.18 Update on your Phone, Xbox, PC and much more! ThePondMC is a cross-platform Minecraft multiplayer network!
IP for Cross Platform/Bedrock: (port: 19132) [Join our Discord for help!]
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