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  • ok so basically i got banned bc of one of ur helper idxrty was talking about me so i said u talk about me and cant take it back then he is like mute ban maybe and then i get muted and then all of a sudden i get banned
    You can submit a ban appeal to be reviewed under the ban appeal forum.
    i have im just waiting for it to be reviewed
    hi curt i was wondering if i could get unbanned on the pond and in the discord server what i did was wrong and promise i wont do anything wrong ever again plssss consider the unbanning of me my ign is _ttv_ohdaniel and my discord is
    I enchanted a book in an enchantment table and instead of getting unbreaking 3 I got a book that said "enchanted book" Please try to fix this.

    P.S. I am on bedrock
    I also have problems with anvils, smithing tables and looms Pls work on fixing this
    how do u join for bedrock?
    Get an app on your mobile device called ‘BedrockTogether’ after that type in the server IP address (play.thepondmc.com)
    And click run.
    After the ad you should see the server in your friends on Minecraft on your console. Click join and wait 30 seconds in those 30 seconds don’t touch anything on your phone or the console. You are free to use your phone normally after.
    I would like to request an un ban because I got ban for chargeback but I contacted staff and I did not get a response. I feel this was unfair if this is not a possibility it is ok. This was truly my fav server thanks for everything.
    I have a pro with the server every time I do /bp, it does let have access to the battle pass, when I typed it says u need to discord via and do /syn and I don’t understand have to that plsss hlep mess, pls contact mee all soon as possible plsss.
    do /sync in game then you will receive a discord notification of the pond botwith a code then put that code in the game and you will be able to
    Hey I am crazy5041,

    I wanted to ask if i could be a helper.
    I have helped a lot of people during my time playing.
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