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    Hope you've been having fun!

    Hope you've been having fun!
  2. ThePondMC

    Skyblock - Season 3

    ThePondMC Skyblock Season 3 Official Announcement & FAQ for Skyblock Season 3 We’re extremely excited to finally end Season 2. It’s been a long one. We’re gonna jump right into this announcement. There is currently a 30% sale active. This sale will end on Sunday @ 11:59 pm PST. There is also a...
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    Welcome to ThePondMC

    Welcome to ThePondMC! A Minecraft server by DuckyTheGamer. We are happy to finally bring you the official server for DuckyTheGamer. Starting out with Skyblock, we have lots of plans with ThePondMC and look forward to seeing all of you guys along the way! You can join ThePondMC via the following...
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    [Website] Rules

    Website Rules 1) All content must be family-friendly. We also do not tolerate disrespect of any kind towards other players or staff members. 2) No post farming or micro posting Basically, do not look to farm posts or reactions. 3) No promotion of other Minecraft networks, Discord servers, or...