Skyblock - Season 3

ThePondMC Skyblock Season 3
Official Announcement & FAQ for Skyblock Season 3

We’re extremely excited to finally end Season 2. It’s been a long one. We’re gonna jump right into this announcement.

There is currently a 30% sale active. This sale will end on Sunday @ 11:59 pm PST.
There is also a very limited time bundle deal for Crate keys.

Season 3 is expected to go live at around 3:00 pm EST
Click here for a live countdown.
Please note this is an ETA. We are confident in this ETA, but sometimes large bugs are missed in tests. If any issues are found, we will let you know in Discord.

We would like to note that our server is developed for the Java Edition. The best experience on ThePondMC will be through Minecraft: Java Edition. We do our best to support the Bedrock functionality. Please report any issues in the appropriate channels and we will do our best to fix them for you.

Features & Changes
Here are a list of brand new features and changes you can expect to see this season!

Along with the features below, we have also updated the server to 1.17 and fixed a variety of bugs that were reported. If any bugs are found, please report them to our Discord.

Chunk Hoppers & Crop Hoppers
Introducing Chunk Hoppers & Crop Hoopers.

Chunk Hoppers:
Chunk Hoppers are what they sound like. They will collect items within the chunk that the Chunk Hopper is placed within. If you drop an item and it’s not picked up, it’s likely that the Chunk Hopper is full or you dropped it in a different chunk.

Crop Hoppers:
Crop Hoppers are hoppers that act as a Chunk Hopper but only collect specific crops.

Sell Modules:
Apply Sell Modules to a Chunk Hopper or Crop Hopper and it will automatically sell the items as it passes through.

Skills Changes
We’ve made a few small changes to our /skills system. Given how critical Skills play within Skyblock we feel it’s important to note.

/skills view [player] - Check another player's skill progress out real easy!
Leaderboard system that is based on who achieves the level first. So for example, the first person to achieve the maximum level (500) will be position #1 for the rest of the season.
Redeveloped Enchanted Drops and /selldrops in preparation for updates!
Various bugs & improvements

Shards - Skyblock Edition
People loved Shards on the SMP so much we decided to switch out MobCoins for Shards, but with a twist.

Shards can be gained through various ways such as: Mining, Farming, Slaying Mobs & more. In order to gain Shards for activities other than Mining, you will be required to complete a set of tasks via /shards upgrade

Shards will replace MobCoins as a currency. This means you will require Shards to purchase Enchantments from /ce.

Speaking of Enchantments, we are bringing over the feature from Season 2 that required players to grind for Enchantments through /enchantments (/ce).

We are mentioning it in this announcement so that it’s clear that Enchantments can be gained only through /enchantments or completing tasks and the /shard shop!

Anvils & Enchantment tables cannot be crafted or used.

We’ve also added some new Custom Enchantments to Skyblock.​
  • Shardium [Improve your Shard chance]​
  • Experience [Increase the EXP you receive]​
  • Multi [Chance to kill 1 or more mob in a stack - depending on level]​

Spawner Rankup
You are required to unlock access to the spawners you wish to place. To do that, grind through the levels of /rankup and achieve the highest level. Once the highest level, you will be able to place all spawners!

Spawner Stacking
We’ve implemented Spawner Stacking. This has been added due to client performance, we expect to see improvements later on into the map for your clients when you have a ton of spawners.

We’ve implemented the ability to purchase more spawners directly within the Mob Spawner. Simply Shift + Right-Click the Spawner and it will open a purchase GUI

Spawner Upgrades
Right-Clicking a Mob Spawner will open a GUI in which you can upgrade the Mob Spawner, or Mob Spawners within the stack. Upgrading the Mob Spawner will result in mobs having incredibly improved drops that can be sold exclusively through /selldrops. As of right now, there are 3 different levels and focus on the following mobs:
Zombified Piglin
Iron Golem

The above mobs will have advanced drops as you upgrade their spawners.

There are many other backend changes that you won’t recognize but they come with a variety of improvements and will prevent things such as lag and server crashes.The above feature set and any features that were added or changed have been tested to the best of our team's ability with what few members we have for it. If you come across a bug, please report it!

Below you will find a quick FAQ we created:

Q: What is lost on the reset?
A: Everything is reset apart from your ranks and certain tags
Islands, Balances, Inventories are amongst the reset data.

Q: What about Crate Keys?
A: Just like last season, we have moved over the users with 10 or more crate keys.
Although, this is the last time we will be doing this. Crate Keys will reset on season resets going forward.

Q: Are there Supporter Keys?
A: Yes. We decided to keep the Supporter Keys feature

Q: How many players can play?
A: We expect to maximize our Skyblock slots around 250-300 [dependent on performance]. We will work on what we can to allow as many players as possible. VIP and above can join full servers so we ensure there is the capacity for ranks.

Q: Do my tags transfer?
A: Some tags transfer, yes. Some are required to unlock again.

Q: Is there a Nether or End?
A: Upon the launch of Season 3 we plan to keep the Nether & End disabled. But it will come at a later date.

Q: Will Weekly Challenges return?
A: Yes, after a few weeks we will look to reimplement weekly challenges!

Q: Can I play Season 3 on Bedrock? (iOS, Mobile Phone, Xbox, Playstation etc)
A: Yes! Follow the instructions on our Discord if you need assistance.​
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